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Since 1988, McKenna International has provided executive coaching and counseling services for those employed by Global 200 companies, legal professionals and public accounting firms.

Founded by Alex McKenna, PhD ,the company is a boutique and limits its practice to a select number of engagements annually. By doing so the quality of the process is not compromised and participants are assured of individually tailored programs that address their specific needs.

Engagements are most often driven by dysfunctional behaviors that interfere with the execution of strategic business plans, succession plans and the career progression of senior level line and staff executives. Illustrations of the rationale for engaging McKenna International are employees:

  • demonstrating changes in behavior and attitude that negatively impact their leadership performance and the expectation of their teams.

  • recently appointed to senior leader-manager roles struggling to assume their authority and failing to delegate tactical direction to those responsible for achieving goals and objectives complementary to the strategic business plan.

  • with limited possibilities for continued career progression who must, with support of the company, pursue new external career opportunities.

  • exhibiting dysfunctional behavior characterized by chronic under performance that negatively influences peers and other (internal) teams.

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